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How receive Band button events on Tasker

For one tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonPressed1 action

For double tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonPressed2 action

For triple tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonPressed3 action

For lift event use com.mc.miband.lift action *

For 2 times lift event use com.mc.miband.lift2 action *

For 3 times lift event use com.mc.miband.lift3 action *

Find my phone tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonFindMyPhone action

Silent phone tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonSilentPhone action

DND tap event use com.mc.miband.buttonDND action

Music Play/Pause event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicPlay action **

Music Next event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicNext action **

Music Previous event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicPrevious action **

Music Volume up event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicVolumeUp action **

Music Volume down event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicVolumeDown action **

Music 2x Play/Pause event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicPlay2 action **

Music 2x Next event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicNext2 action **

Music 2x Previous event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicPrevious2 action **

Music 2x Volume up event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicVolumeUp2 action **

Music 2x Volume down event use com.mc.miband.buttonMusicVolumeDown2 action **

* Available only with button performance mode

** Available only with button notify music mode

Follow below steps: