How to hang up or ignore a call using your Mi Band 5


The Notify app for Mi Band 5 is a really handy tool to have. It allows you to hang up with a message or ignore incoming calls from your watch.
This app allows you to manage also VoIP incoming calls like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Line, Zalo, Google Duo and Zoiper using your watch buttons.

How to setup calls button actions on your Mi Band 5:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open Button section
  • Open Settings options
  • Tap on Hangup call option to choose if you want to hang up a or mute a call when you press the hang up button on watch
  • Tap on Ignore call option to choose if you want to answer or ignore with a message the call when you press the ignreo button on watch
  • Optionally, setup other additional custom actions, including 2x taps
  • When physical button integration is not available, you can force to do a custom action the find my phone and silent phone events

Only supported watch models support calls managment, official app must be not installed