How to update your Mi Band 6 firmware


The Notify App is a free app that allows you to update your Mi Band 6 firmware. It also has an extensive library of watchfaces and other resources to help you customize your watch.
It also provides you external links to get latest fonts and resources for your Mi Band 6. Installing a different firmware allow you get last features or try fix some bugs of your watch. This operation should be done only by expert users!
We do not suggest to install latest firmwares because they keep adding more and more restrinctions to prevent unofficial apps work with your Mi Band 6

To do a firmware update, you can download the file from any website or you may want to download from one of the website suggested on Notify app.
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open Tools section
  • Open Update firmware options
  • Optionally, you can bring up the update screen by picking the file using your File explorer and opening with Notify App
  • Once you open Update firmware activity, app will automatically check if the selected file is compatible or not, and you will be ready to press Upload button to start upload to Mi Band 6

Only for supported watch models