How to reduce my Redmi Watch 3 battery usage to last more days


This article will show you how to reduce your Redmi Watch 3 battery usage to last more days.

Turn off features

  • Use a stock watch-face
  • Reduce or disable heart monitoring usage
  • Use heart monitor on Band only
  • Reduce vibrations length (notifications, alarms, ...)
  • Disable or set button mode to normal mode (default option)
  • Disable Anti-loss my phone on Tools section (last option)
  • Disable Sleep as Android tracking

Still not solved? Reinstall Notify app to restore default settings (do not import any backup).
Alternative solution: reset only app settings (keep fitness data) by doing reset app settings from the app general settings on main left menu

Old Redmi Watch 3

If you watch has more than one year, disable your phone Bluetooth (or install only official app) to check if battery drain is related to Notify app or not