How to do custom actions using your Redmi Watch 3 button


It’s easy to see why the Notify App has become so popular among watch owners. The app is a convenient way to receive notifications on your wrist, and it does not require you to pull out your phone every time you get a message or notification.
The custom button integration is an advanced feature of the app that allows you to run custom actions using your Redmi Watch 3. This means that instead of having to open the app, you can simply tap on the watch button and do what you need to do without ever taking out your phone from your pocket.
This will allow you to do things like turn off the lights or change the temperature of your home with just a flick of your wrist.
The dedicated integration done by Notify App with your watch models, allows you to run custom actions by using the physical* button of watch, by lifting it* or by using the music player integration.

Some examples of what you could do with these custom buttons are:
  • Skip next music track
  • Go to previous music track
  • Play/Stop music
  • Start Alexa routine
  • Start Tasker task
  • Start IFTTT task
  • Activate phone Google Assistant
  • Display last notification
  • Start a timer
  • Find your phone
  • Toggle phone silent mode
  • Control phone volume
  • Take a picture using phone camera
  • Start an app
  • Make a call
  • Send a message
  • Make an emergeny SOS call/message
  • Make an HTTP request
Setting up custom button actions on your Redmi Watch 3 is simple and straightforward:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open Button section
  • Open Custom actions options
  • Check the first tutorial showed on app to ensure you understand exactly how it works
  • Tap on Next track action option to choose which custom action to execute
  • Optionally, setup other additional custom actions, including 2x taps
  • When physical button integration is not available, you can force to do a custom action the find my phone and silent phone events

Only supported watch models have dedicated button integration, otherwise the generic music button integration must be used