Track steps using your Mi Band on Notify App

Compatible with
  • Mi Band
  • Mi Band 1
  • Mi Band 1S
  • Mi Band 2
  • Mi Band 3

The Notify app is a fitness tracker that can help you to track steps counted by your Mi Band.
Notify heps you to manage your steps and other related data. It also allows you to export the data to Google Fit or spreadsheet files.
To export your data, open the Notify app on your phone. Open the Steps section and tap on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select "Export Data." Choose where you want to export your data.
The Notify app has a goal-setting feature which allows you to set various goals for yourself, such as the number of steps you would like to take per day, or your daily calorie goal.

Progressive steps goals

The progressive steps goal notification is a great way to remind users about their goals. It provides a clear and simple interface that shows the progress as well as the total number of steps.
The progressive steps goal notification is an effective way to keep users motivated and on track with their goals, as it notifies them about how close they are to their goal and how many more steps they need to take.

A screenshot of Notify App Steps main screen
Steps on Notify App