Monitor stress levels using your Mi Band on Notify App


The Notify app is a stress monitoring app that can be used with your Mi Band. It provides real-time statistics on the amount of stress a person has been experiencing from their heart rate and other factors.
It's been found that people who have high levels of stress also have higher levels of anxiety and depression, which can lead to more serious mental health problems. The Notify app was designed to help reduce these feelings by providing feedback on how stressed out someone is, so they can take steps to reduce their stress levels.
The Notify App notifies the user when they have reached a certain level of stress. It also provides statistics on how much stress they have accumulated and how it affects their health.
In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of people that are reporting high levels of stress. The Notify app is being developed to help monitor and manage this trend.
The app monitors your heart rate, the amount of time you spend in bed, and your emotional state to determine your level of stress. It then provides a report to show how these factors affect your health and provide tips on how to lower your stress levels.

A screenshot of Notify App Stress main screen
Stress on Notify App