How to sync your Mi Band workouts to Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper, Runalyze, GPX

Compatible with
  • Mi Band
  • Mi Band 1
  • Mi Band 1S
  • Mi Band 2
  • Mi Band 3

Export your Mi Band activities to Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper or GPX file.
Many of us have a wearable device such as a fitness tracker or smartwatch. It is great to track our daily activities and see how we are doing on our fitness goals. But sometimes we forget to sync our data with the app on our phone or the website of the activity tracker company. This article will show you how to sync your data with Google Fit, Strava and Runkeeper so that you can see your progress in one place.
Notify App allows to automatically sync your activities with these services.

Share a Mi Band workout to your favorite fitness app is simple and straightforward:
  • The first step is to open the Notify app on your Android
  • Open Workouts section
  • Open your last saved workout
  • Tap the Share icon on top right corner
  • Choose one option between:
    • Facebook, Twitter, ... (picture)
    • Animated map export
    • Google Fit
    • TCX/GPX file
    • Strava
    • RunKeeper
    • Runalyze